Twitterati Teaches A Lesson To Sabyasachi Who Slammed Indian Women Who Can’t Wear Saree


Famed fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee may be a household name when it fares to Indian traditional bridal wear, but his remark at a recent group discussion is drawing a lot of flak on the Internet, as well as offline.

The ace designer, known for his beautiful saris, said that Indian women who cannot drape a sari should be ashamed. Mukherjee on Saturday criticised women, particularly of the younger generation, for not wearing a sari and giving preference to Western outfits and as his comment spread it lead to a huge outcry on social media platforms.

“I think, if you tell me that you do not know how to wear a saree, I would say shame on you. It’s a part of your culture, (you) need to stand up for it,” Sabyasachi had told Indian students at the Harvard India Conference. A report says that, in fact, his saree remark was met with a resounding applause from the consultation.

Sabyasachi made the statement when he was presenting his thoughts on the difficulties women face while wearing saree. He believes that saree is the most awesome outfits in the world and people from all over the world love it.  He received thunderous applaud for his remarks at the Harvard India Conference.

The designer was responding to a query on the difficulties women face in draping a sari. The garment, he stated, is the most fantastic dress in the world and people across the globe admire it, and identify Indian women with it.

Sabyasachi referred to his recent conversation with Deepika Padukone, saying the “Padmaavat” actor, in her own way, is creating disruption in fashion. “She wears saree at all the places she goes,” he told the participants.

However, his statement has not gone down well with Twitterati. They don’t seem to agree with the ace designer and gave him back in the most epic way possible.


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