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Top Five Best Data Visualization Techniques For 2019

It is a fact that people grasp visual information much faster than textual information.  Thus, data visualization has become the need of the hour of all businesses. It helps them to get better insight into the data and improve their sales and marketing process. However, there is an ample number of data visualization techniques and processes available across the globe. Therefore, it becomes immensely daunting to discover the best data visualization techniques. Being a top data visualization company in USAIntellectyx would inform you about the Top 5 data visualization techniques in 2019.

Best Data Visualization Tactics

  • Get to know the audience: You must consider your audience before adapting the data visualization technique. For instance, if you are dealing with a client who is not so technically sound then instead of explaining him Pie Charts and graphs you should consider some easy data visualization tactics. Thus, the selection of data visualization type entirely depends upon the audience or demographic of your audience.
  • Think about the content: You should also concentrate on what information you are conveying visually. Content is equally important as the visual representation. There are 4 ways to approach data visualization:
  1. Relationships: It depicts the relationship between different elements and mutual connection between them.
  2. Timeframe: Line graphs are considered to be the best when you want to show how a phenomenon has grown over a period of time.
  3. Comparisons: Bar charts are considered to be best if you want to compare the values of two data sets over a specific period of time.
  • Color Selection: Colors play an essential role in defining the overall effectiveness of your data visualization. It would be right to say the success of your data visualization majorly depends upon the color selection. While selecting the color, you should keep two things in your mind the color consistency and contrast.
  1. Color Consistency: You should maintain the color consistency throughout your chart or graphs. Don’t use too many colors in your representation because it may spoil the outcome. You should avoid mixing too many colors because it always creates confusion.
  2. Contrast: You should always maintain contrast among the colors. It helps in increasing the overall effectiveness of the color. People mostly use red, purple and yellow color because they can be recognized easily.
  •  Use interactive maps: Interactive maps have been highly appreciated by the clients. However, it is hard to visualize and create these maps, but they really worth investing time and energy in it. Interactive maps allow users to zoom in and zoom out specific parts of graphs, get 360 views of the data. Interactive maps play an important role as they allow users to engage with the maps and look only for the information that they need.
  • Use digital tools: There are various data visualization tools available in the market. These tools make it easy to create compelling data visualization diagrams and chart. You can use these data visualization tools to quickly create beautiful data visualization graphs and images.

The famous data visualization tools are given below:

You can use any of these tools to create data visualization.

Conclusion: Data visualization can help you to create better and compelling business reports. Thus, if you want to gain the attention of your clients then you should learn modern data visualization models to improve the quality of your presentation.

Thus, to know more how data analytics and data visualization can help your business schedule a demo with Intellectyx- A digital transformation company.

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