Love Jihad

Rajasthan Girl Takes An Initiative To Make Her Lover Understand The Plight Of Other Women Who Suffered Love Jihad

Love Jihad Case

At the center of a row over “forced religious conversion” A 20-year-old Hindu girl from Jodhpur who had eloped with her Muslim boyfriend has refused to marry him until he changes his religion to Hinduism.

Pooja Joshi, an undergraduate, had eloped with Mohsin Khan, a taxi driver, on Sunday, following which her family filed a missing complaint.

After a tip-off, the police detained the couple in Bikaner and brought them to Jodhpur on Tuesday. As the word about the couple’s elopement spread in the city, supporters of some Hindu groups along with the girl’s family members assembled at the police station where the duo was brought.

Love Jihad

Joshi’s family members filed a missing complaint about the woman and the couple was detained in Bikaner after a tip-off. Hindu groups along with the family reached the police station where the couple was detained and raised slogans claiming that it is a ‘love jihad’ case.

After the girl was taken to magistrate’s office to record a statement where she said that she will only marry Moshin Khan when he converts to Hinduism refusing to go home with him.

Love Jihad

She refused to go home and said till Mohsin converts; she would wait for him at her cousin’s place. “The girl is not a minor. Hence, she can decide where she wants to live. We will let her go after completing the formalities,” said the lady inspector.

muslim Love Jihad

A one of a kind case, this is something that has never happened in the love-Jihad’s context, well, it seems this girl is trying to make Mohsin and his clan understand the plight of other women, who fell in love, got married and were later forced to change their religions and stay in Burkhas, for their entire lives.

muslim Love Jihad

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