Pollution Travels From Delhi To Mumbai: A Smog Attack!


While Delhi recently started recovering from the smog that has enveloped the city for long, it seems it’s Mumbai’s turn to battle polluted air now. It was an unusual sight to many Mumbaikars as they woke up on Saturday morning.

Mumbai’s air was recorded fairly well in December; therefore, the situation of the environment was shocking on Saturday. The people of Mumbai were discussing the weather on social media. Due to the pollution, people had to face a lot of trouble. Even the school had to shut down due to the loss of the body. Many local trains lie down on Saturday morning. In the morning, due to smog, people were not allowed to go to the offices, but also people were jigged in jogging in the morning.

Just a couple of days back the AQI in Mumbai was 43, which fell under ‘good’ category, making it the cleanest air day in December in years.

But on Saturday morning the AQI plummeted to as low as 305 in some places with an average of 156, which once again falls under ‘unhealthy’ category.

The drop in air quality was accompanied by a thick blanket of smog, which has engulfed the city and caused poor visibility.

Many residents have complained about poor visibility outside their homes and on the roads.


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