Never Dare To Tell These Things To A Delhite!


Five years back, when I first stepped into the metropolis of Delhi, I felt like I was going in a totally different universe. And within a few days, the hate for the city started creeping in within me.

Thus, if you are traveling to this city or planning to be active or simply curious, then you require recognizing the things that turn the Dilwallas of Dilli into ‘Danav’. Beware and do not ask or utter these things with the sweet residents of Delhi.

Is Delhi Metro?

Delhi Metro is what? The best? Convenient? Efficient? If there’s anything good you have to say about their pride and joy, please feel free to add it to their ever-growing list. Delhiites are sensitive when it comes to their metro, especially when it has only been a convenience to the daily commuters. It saves them time from the Delhi rush and it’s cheaper than paying for gas!

Mumbai is better

Ok, this is a big NO-NO. Unless and until you want to lose some kind of warfare and bring the whole sky down. Nope, nobody wants that, let us all just live in repose. Nothing irritates a person hailing from Delhi more when someone says Mumbai is more honest and more dependable. If you ever plan on saying this statement, do it at your own peril, because no one will be able to pluck you from the verbal wrath the delhites are going to pour on you.

So what will you be protesting about today?

Delhiite: *Thinks about protesting against asking such silly questions that question their values* “Nothing today, but we are tomorrow if you want to join.” Compared to the rest of the country, one can say that Delhiites are much more passionate about voicing out what they believe in. They take a stand together and makes sure the whole world hears them. No really. That’s very important during a protest.

Why do you use so much slang?

The slang is no slang at all. ‘Gaali’ is a part of the regular life. Though we certainly do not promote the use of foul language, this is something hard to avoid in Delhi.

Delhiites are very ghamandi

Being ghamandi or snobbish is something that is instantly attributed to Delhiites. The reality is not everyone shows that traits. On a second thought, when you are staying in the capital of the country, then being a little ghamandi is allowed.


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