Making a Mark in The Domain of Photography
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Making a Mark in The Domain of Photography

Do you belong to the select group of people who wants to capture the essence of the world via medium of clicks! Or do you find solace of being part of parties or events and capturing that breath taking moment! Does adventure or thrill excites you! If you belong to such category of people, then photography is the right domain for you. Do put your thinking cap on and get ready to make a definite mark in this field if this is where you passion and hobby less. It might seem less stressful as a job and as your interest lies there you will enjoy it more. But photography is not an easy job, let me warn you. Proper technical skills with the desired levels of knowledge are important with a definite creative eye. The basic traits are a strong visual presentation with a creative eye. Take baby steps and rent a photography studio would enable you to save money. The visual element can be enhanced if you possess the technical skills.

The Staring

There are various undergraduate and post graduate courses in the domain of photography and this provides you technical inputs. With your regular courses these courses can be taken up. For better qualification you can apply to reputed institutes. If you are computer savvy then technical expertise does become a lot easy. With these types of skills you will be in the right position to figure out the type of pictures that your client needs. This would mean know how about digital imaging skills, being aware of the technical details of your equipment along with necessary lighting and camera skills.

In the starting phase it would be better if you work with an established photographer so that you gain the necessary training from him. This would give you vital inputs on the kinds of problems which photographers face and how they are able to cope up with them. In addition you will also learn to handle clients and their business acumen. For hands on experience workshops are an ideal platform. Just showcase your work on the various online platforms. If you get direct feedback from clients it would enhance your skills in a positive direction. Undertaking freelancing work also helps as you can get in touch with full time photography companies. The chances are pretty high that they could provide you with some photography work. Opting for a quality photography course gives you a definite pep up in your career stream.

Pay Prospects

In the starting phase it would be a bit difficult to make a decent living from photography. In case if you have the right creative skills with a strong business acumen and are able to put in those extra hard hours, then this might be the right profession for you.

If you work as an assistant you might earn around 10 k per month, but if you are able to bag projects then it can shoot up to even 40 K. To cut down the expenses opt for photo studio for rent in Delhi.

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