How people went completely crazy after GST!


Gum ho gayi sitti-pitti, haaye re ye GST!

Yes , you all are correct I’m talking about GST only, and I know like me you all are peeved by listening this slogan again and again.

The concept of One tax one nation, for a country with about 3,000 castes and 25,000 subcastes , each related to a specific occupation and according to the most recent census of 2001, having 1635 rationalised mother tongues, 234 identifiable lingos and 22 major languages and a huge population of 1.324 billion (2016), is something our economy could not afford, that too after the bombardment of “demonetization” or notebandi as we put it!

GST [Goods and service tax] has brought a havoc in the minds of people.  we all know Gst roll-out has evoked both positive as well as negative reactions .

It’s a common observation among common people , politicians ,heads of major companies and almost everyone in the market. All the businessmen, small or big were in a state of immense shock when all the taxes were abandoned and a common tax stipulated.

Soon after the imposition of GST, (not much aware about GST), I went to a handbags’ store in aada bazaar indore, and the owner looked quite frustrated, I felt like asking him, and was shocked know what came next.

He said, “earlier we used to sell ‘1 laakh ka maal’ and pay about 3k as tax but after this gst, we have to pay about 18k for the same, I have three children and this add on 15k is taking a huge toll over my life,  aisa lagta hai mano GST ka matlab ho G**** sooj jayegi tax bharte bharte!”

Well, sorry for the words but seriously this is something the commoners who are facing so much trouble have in their minds, but thanks to the tendency of Indians, that they have the ability to mock ober anything and everything that comes their way, that they are laughing outside while are completely shattered inside.

I’ve even heard people saying, “itne padhe likhe hote to ihaan baith k ka joota bechte”, or “ek to saala zindagi ka kuch samajh nahi aata, na biwi ka samajh aata hai aur budbag ye chaiwala, har baar kuch naya hi lata hai!

Youth mocks at this GST and the upcoming new reforms with the trolls like,”pehle to boss ka kaam karo, phir mummy ka kaam karo, kucch thoda bhot bach jaye to girlfriend ka kaam karo, aur ab ye bhaisahab (modi) alag se kaam late hain, matlab aba lag se main chhutti le raha hu inka kaam karne k liye, matlab bsk**** meri khud ki koi life hai ya nahi, upar se in kaamo ke liye kuch milna to door salary kat jati hai aur jeb se paise aur lag jate hain!”

Sometimes I feel do they have any realization about the technical nuances or they simply imply an acquired or say rather borrowed opinion?

Guys, our politicians tried to educate us GST as a single tax and it will reduce the cascading of taxation . so on….

But here you are missing the bigger picture .

As every coin has two sides, GST has its own disadvantages and demerits.

Here I will tell you some obvious challenges for business and end to end consumer, like

Government has left petroleum out of GST for now until all states agree to it.

A harsh GST of 12% On Sanitary Pads While Condoms were lent tax-Free was something that made all women go mad after.

Women in their protests were heard using slogans like, ‘na biwi hai na ma ka sath, aisa modi kaise samjhega hamari baat!

A lower GST on cigarette was probably a move to keep all the party member happy.(cigarette k dhuye ka chhalla banakar hi hamari saanse rok li hain bhaisahab!)

Upon that GST taking a toll over restaurant bills? Made us all feel Allah k naam pr khane de re baba! (for modiji)

“ ek taraf aap start up abhiyaan chalate hain aur doosri taraf hamari hi

le jate hain,” said Rohit, a young entrepreneur.

Well, whatever it be it simply feels as if our generation is going through some serious episode of :





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