Here’s Why Taimur Will Get His Name Changed?


Speaking in an interview, actress Kareena Kapoor Khan admitted to one of the popular journalists that her husband Saif Ali Khan was once ready to change the name of their son Taimur to Faiz.

Many would recall the backlash that ensued on social media following the revelation of Taimur’s name back in 2016. Despite Saif and Kareena repeatedly clarifying that the name literally translates to ‘Iron’ and has nothing to do with Turco-Mongol conqueror Timur, many on social media continued to express discontent about the naming of Saif and Kareena’s newborn child.

At the time when Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor announced the name of their baby to be Taimur, fans sent out several hate messages. This issue of his name blew out of proportion as references were drawn to Timur, a Mogul emperor who was known to vanquish several Hindus.

This reference reportedly triggered hatred so much so that Saif was thinking of changing his name lest his son becomes unpopular.  But today, a year later, we can’t think of any other name for the internet’s favorite baby. Several fans clubs have been created online keeping the baby boy in mind. Nobody can get enough of him.

“Saif was ready to change his name to Faiz but I was not going to succumb to public pressure; my son is Taimur, and will grow up to be, like his name, an Iron Man one day, Kareena Kapoor tweeted.”


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