• Litigation Firm In Delhi
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    Making A Bright and Successful Career In A Litigation Firm In Delhi

    You have graduated from a law school and ready to go ahead with a career in law. It is true that people with eloquence and the ability are good in public speaking. However, they are not the only qualities that a good litigator must have to succeed. These qualities are secondary traits you may have and the first step to achieve success is to read all the files diligently so that you know what exactly is there on the papers. You can start your work after consulting a few good lawyers in India who have already gone through this stage before. Giving others is a gift Before you start looking…

  • Making a Mark in The Domain of Photography
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    Making a Mark in The Domain of Photography

    Do you belong to the select group of people who wants to capture the essence of the world via medium of clicks! Or do you find solace of being part of parties or events and capturing that breath taking moment! Does adventure or thrill excites you! If you belong to such category of people, then photography is the right domain for you. Do put your thinking cap on and get ready to make a definite mark in this field if this is where you passion and hobby less. It might seem less stressful as a job and as your interest lies there you will enjoy it more. But photography is…

  • Bollywood Big Shots Were Once Caught For Prostitution
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    These Bollywood Big Shots Were Once Caught For Prostitution

    Arshi Khan, the most controversial character of BB 11, actually tops the list, but I bet up guys didn’t know that even these women could not stop being the part of the list. I mean some of the names are totally unexpected and even you’ll pull your hair after reading this and would feel what a shit pool, this industry is. 1. Arshi Khan A model-turned-actress Arshi Khan was alleged for prostitution rackets. Arshi was in Hotel Arora in Pune when the cops raided and caught her. Later, she was kept in custody. However, the actress created a ruckus and managed to return home. 2. Madhuri Dixit Madhuri Dixit, who…