Bollywood Big Shots Were Once Caught For Prostitution
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These Bollywood Big Shots Were Once Caught For Prostitution

Arshi Khan, the most controversial character of BB 11, actually tops the list, but I bet up guys didn’t know that even these women could not stop being the part of the list. I mean some of the names are totally unexpected and even you’ll pull your hair after reading this and would feel what a shit pool, this industry is.

1. Arshi Khan

A model-turned-actress Arshi Khan was alleged for prostitution rackets. Arshi was in Hotel Arora in Pune when the cops raided and caught her. Later, she was kept in custody. However, the actress created a ruckus and managed to return home.

2. Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit, who has been praised by the critics for her acting and dancing skills, could also not evade herself from menaces of such traps. The Indian film actress Madhuri and a few Telugu film personalities were arrested from a house in a posh locality in the City on charges of prostitution.

3. Shweta Basu

Our most favorite character “chandranandini” is no far from the trap of such malpractices. Noted actor Shweta Basu Prasad was arrested in Hyderabad for being involved in a high-profile prostitution racket. Sources reveal that the 23-year-old actor was caught “in a compromising position” after the Hyderabad Police raided a famous hotel at the upscale Banjara Hills in the city.

4. Sherlyn Chopra

The Bollywood actress is rather popular for her films. By her own admission on her micro-blogging webpage, Sherlyn said she had to do it for money. The actress also mentioned that it was never by choice. However, people say it was probably just she need to be in the news.

5. Priyanka Chopra

The actress is the owner of a floor in a building in the posh Andheri area of Mumbai. She had leased out the floor to a spa owner. The police raided the place in November as they suspected a sex racket operating there.

6. Deepti Naval

The famous actress Deepti Naval was accused of running a prostitution racket and other startling facts about her. Later, she decided to appear on television to talk about truth distorted by media.

Do hell with Bollywood and such fame, where people are just like those dolls who don’t have any self -worth and value!

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