BJP Taking A Huge Risk By Relying On Yogi Adityanath’s Brand Of Hindutva


Who is afraid of Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath in Karnataka? Neither the Congress Party nor the Public. Only is it BJP?

In the last one month, Adityanath has made two noisy visits to Karnataka, accusing the Congress government of being anti-Hindu and reminding the great unwashed that the country was the dwelling of Lord Hanuman. He is sure to descend on Karnataka, again and again, to campaign for the BJP in the Assembly elections to be retained in the next three months.

Adityanath was a “star campaigner” in last month’s Assembly elections in Gujarat where he addressed 35 rallies. If the BJP is to be believed, he transported audiences there into such a phantasmagorical world that they voted for the party without question. He is certain to be a “star campaigner” in Karnataka as well and wave his magic baton. Adityanath’s brand of Hindutva does catch the fantasy of some people in Karnataka, but it breaks off short of going down the stage on fire. He may swing some votes in a special way in some fields, but not in a manner that can tilt statewide electoral scales. This doesn’t mean Siddaramaiah can get away with Hindu baiting. He just can’t. If BJP leaders hope that Adityanath can consolidate the Hindu vote for the party, they can save themselves that bother. With his unmistakable tilt towards minorities, Siddaramaiah is already consolidating the Hindu vote for the BJP. The BJP doesn’t need an Adityanath to come here to do that line of work and mess things up.


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