Here Is The Most Awaited, Winner Of Bigg Boss Leaked!


If you are reading this, you must be a huge big boss freak. Here, You won’t believe that BB11 contestants’ name is out and I hope even you were expecting the same, I personally followed this contestant like anything and here are the add on that I’ve got for you, but before that let me affirm you, you definitely gonna get the Bigg Boss season 11 winner only on our site,!

Yes you are right it’s the best, the trendiest, the cutest, India’s favourite, one and only SHILPA SHINDE- the queen of hearts.

.In fact, BB-10 contestant Manu Punjabi in a recent conversation with a news daily said, “Shilpa Shinde will win the show. As humans all of us have our positive and negative sides, but Shilpa has not shown her negative side at all; which means even when she is sleeping she is thinking. She started with her past controversy with Vikas, she got sympathy. Secondly, she is cooking for everyone and third, if someone abuses her she doesn’t reply. She keeps no grudges and takes things lightly. She is matured enough for the show and is playing it sharp. Reality shows mostly have winners who are white-collared and set a good example. Others have been polluted in the show so far. Though, I want Vikas to win.”

And we know that she is and has already won far too many hearts to beat any of the contestants, ever, in 11 long years!

But rumours are all about Shilpa because there is a reason behind it. She is the most favourite when it comes to her fans of Bigg Boss as she gets highest number of likes on Bigg boss official FB page . Shilpa is totally active, entertaining, respectful towards Bigg boss house also she never cries in front of camera for her past. She is indeed a real person and is a winner of  BB -11. And, her smile, her tears, her love and caring for Vikas and other housemates and everything that we count on for someone as a human being, and his feelings seems so real, I wonder how could, she become a wonderful actor!

There’s no doubt that Shilpa Shinde is one of the strongest contestants in the Bigg Boss house. With a massive fan following, Shilpa has successfully been able to garner the support of the entire country through her calm and composed behaviour. Her spat with Vikas Gupta might have put the actress in some social media shade, but Shilpa managed to rise above it and is now best of friends with Vikas. Even the host Salman Khan has time and again applauded Shilpa’s performance in the show.

Despite her on-going spat with television star Hina Khan, Splitsvilla fame Priyank Sharma and her former best friend, the scandalous Arshi Khan, Shilpa is successfully garnering praises for her patience and mature attitude towards everyone in the house.

As of now, the Shilpa and Vikas’ equation has taken a turn and all seems well between the two contestants. After her fallout with Arshi Khan, Shilpa was seen in tears, pouring her heart out in front of Bandgi. At the same time, Shilpa danced with full zeal during Vikas’ captaincy task, showing her support for him. It is a relief to see the equation between Shilpa and Vikas take a turn for the better.  While Shilpa is busy supporting people inside the house, her fan- following keeps increasing each day and is now breaking records!

‘Shilpa winning hearts’ has been trending on Twitter with whopping 329K tweets and still counting! This is the highest tweet count in favour of any contestant till date. A lot of people have praised Shilpa inside the house as well. Most interesting was when Vikas Gupta commented on Shilpa’s acting skills and said that she is a great actor. 

Talking about current scenario, Shilpa and Akash have been nominated. But here is another prodigious twist. At the end of the episode, a ticker informed the viewers that voting lines are closed for this week. Now either there will be no elimination at all, or one of the contestants out of Shilpa and Akash would be sent to the secret room. Now, lets see what happens. Till then stay updated and stay connected with us on




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