Airtel vs. Jio…who wins the race.. ?


A  battle has been going on for almost an year now, but.. We can clearly observe that amidst such wars it is the consumers who get the utmost benefit..

Telecom giants Bharti Airtel & Reliance Jio have been actively engaged in this battle of offering lucrative tariff plans  in the hopes of attracting a large crowd.

But according to the latest news, it seems that these easy ‘sasta’ plans are taking their last breaths.

After entering the market, Jio just turned the market upside down and led to immense competition; providing low cost offers helped them capture a huge share in the market ; giving sleepless nights to other telecom giants… or giving them the so called ‘jor ka jhatka’

The $23 million deal of the big telecom giants viz., Idea and Vodafone , let all the Janta into a hell lot of confusion. But this was not the end.. just after this Airtel didn’t back up and decided to buy Tikona digital 4G business; including its broadband wireless access spectrum.

And as we all know the khairati, free ka maal, never works and we have to change it sometime or the other.

1.5  GB per day with ₹349 ka tariff rate are some luscious offers, Airtel has, to attract Jio users who are fed up of its slow network and its services.

Infact, Jio has been trolled to cause such a discomfort for the pagal premi’s, who used to hide in the kambals or blankets for having those cosy talks, that now they had to jump over to towers and antennas to get that  free JIO ka signal.

Inspite of jio’s wonderful plans and offers like 1 GB data per day  for 91 days at Rs. 499.

It seems like , ‘Ek to 500 ka fatka, kahin lag na jaye bijli ka jhatka.’

Well,now it’s up to you to decide , Airtel chahiye ya Jio, coz here we do not have any NOTA ka funda! :p


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