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We are an outlandish web portal which would feed its users with the latest news, trending Bollywood fads, hidden, unknown testimonials, the present day technology and travel sizzlers.

The boost: As we strongly believe,‘future belongs to those who believe in themselves’, here we are, giving you all that you need to reach the zenith.
Started in November, 2k17, we are an enterprise, of the youth, by the youth and for the youth.

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Anything that’s trending, viral, hot, happening and novel can be found here. The trendiest content portal is here to tell you, what will suit you the best, latest trends in fasion, the lessons for a perfect heart-whelming lifestyle and much more.

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A quintessentialteam of experts from every field ranging fromtravel, lifestyle, health, beauty, to fashion and fitness, these are maestros in their genres, and here to help you 24*7.

Our Team

Saksham Rathore
Fitness Expert
The fitness expert, Saksham is a public figure and the owner of the central India’s biggest gymnasium ‘Star gym, Indore’. He is the one who started working out at the age of 16, and has got the actual experience in the field. Transforming the lives of thousands, he has actually managed to shed over hundreds of those extra pounds for his friends, peers and gymmers. His Instagram posts, Facebook videos and tweets have been inspiring people to stay fit and eat healthy. Having an eagle’s eye for the right food for the right person, he is the one who can help your ship sail through those fatty flabs to a fit figure. Associated with Saksham is always available for our readers!
Yash Sharma
Automobiles and Technology Expert
This seasoned expert specializes in automobiles, and the updated version of your favorite cars with over seven years of experience in the consumer vehicle marketing and financing areas. He regularly consults as an expert for the youth of Indore, and has worked with Doshi Automobiles for Honda Two Wheelers,Mitsubishi for the All New Pajero Sports,Sainath Ford for the Ford Mustang and Ford Endeavour and is currently active with Satguru Jeep looking after its sales.The expert earned his degree from DAVV, Indore and was supported by his family to follow his passion. ” The Tickling sound of my bike, gives me a confidence to rise” ” The Day it will upgrade to Blasting sound of my car, My dream will not be so far” is what he strongly believes in. For any queries regarding the latest automobiles, technology and the value for money, you can simply mail us at and he will be there at your rescue.
Shikha Garg
Fashion Designer
Shikha Garg is an aspiring fashion designer, with the great eye for trend forecasting. She attended International institute of Fashion designing (INIFD), London School of Trends where she studied fashion designing and Fashion styling. She participated in various contests and competitions while being in the college. She debuted her first clothing collection in London during London Fashion week autumn winter 2k17. featured her collection in their March 2017 edition, which became the talk of the town. She gained invaluable experience giving her the opportunity to work with some of the most influential creative minds in the industry. She likes to mix fashion and beauty with a sense of charm, sass and sophistication, which gives her an edge over all her other contemporary designers. Presently, she is working as a freelance stylist and running her own Label. She continues to build her client list and works with many reputable fashion brands as well as on editorial and commercial shoots.
Shatabdi Saksham Rathore
Health and Beauty Expert
Skillful, passionate, and dedicated to her craft, Shatabdi Saksham Rathore, is one of the finest laureates of Indore who has an immense love for fashion and an eye that can match none in this fervor! With over 6 years of experience, she has established herself as the go-to Expert in all things that relate to beauty. Fashion is what makes her happy and gets her dreaming at all hours of the day. So, here she open the Vistas of her knowledge and experience on on and will keep on sharing all her trending tips from hip to toe, as she strongly believes that ‘sharing is caring’.

Our Mentor’s

Arpit Vageria
Yash Bhushan Jain