12 Politicians Who Are More Famous Than Tom & Jerry!


Politicians play an important role in the development of a country. The world has seen many great politicians emerging out in last decade. In this article, we will have a look at the ten of the world’s most powerful politicians. So let’s get started with the list!

1. Dilma Rousseff

This president of Brazil has done very well in making Brazil’s presence felt in the world. She is only considered second to Angela Markel in the race of most powerful women politician in the world.

2. Donald Trump

The president of United States Donald Trump is the most powerful in the world as Donald Trump lashes out by creating a chaos of conflicting claims to distract attention away from real allegations. Donald Trump is a master manipulator because he raised his political career by making false and damaging statements about Barak Obama.

In 1970 when the justice department accused Trump of racially discriminatory rental policies he countersued the government for 100m dollars as a defensive attack. An extraordinary about trump it is how low he is willing to go he is one of the successful investors in Silicon Valley at his side.

3. Narendra Modi

If there is anyone Prime minister from India, who has impacted the country in such a short span of time, it is Narendra Modi. The person who used to serve tea to the people as a kid has done reparably well to become the chief minister of Gujrat State and finally Prime minister of India.

Within six months of his election, the world has finally started looking India with the respect which she always deserved. Modi aims for corruption-free government and calls himself as a prime servant than a prime minister! He is presently leading the race for Times person of the year award.

4. Stephen Harper

The prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper is a low profile politician, who makes his actions speak more than his words. He has been serving as prime minister of Canada since 2006 and has played an important role in the betterment of Canada since the last decade.

5. Xi Jinping

China has done very well in all fields in last decade or so and the government has been responsible for sure. Xi Jinping has played an important role in making what China is today. Although his reforms are not popular with the masses, yet there is no doubt that he has worked very hard in bringing China at par with the most powerful nations of the world.

5. Hilary Clinton

She is the 67th Secretary of United States from 2009 to 2013, has also served her nation as responsible Senator from New York from 2001 to 2009, First Lady of America from 1993 to 2001 and nominee for President of the United States 2016s election leading her own Democratic Party.

A large number of people are along with Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton even during her election campaign, though got married to US President Bill Clinton in 1975. One of the most powerful Politicians in the world can estimate her powers by watching people support in 2016 presidential election as not any single person commented against her in a negative way.

7. David Cameron

David Cameron is the present prime minister of United Kingdom. He is known for his board vision and has helped the UK to develop friendly ties with all the nations of the world.

8. Shinzo Abe

Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe is by far the most popular leader of Japan. Shinzo aims at development and his vision has helped Japan in developing friendly ties in Asia and all over the world.

9. Barack Obama

Barak Obama came into power when the world was going under economic slowdown and the US too was badly affected by it. At that time, people needed a leader who can fill them with hope and Obama was able to do it successfully.

As a result, he was re-elected as president after his first term and is considered to be one of the great presidents the US has ever had.

10. Manuel Valls

The prime minister of France has helped France to maintain her supremacy as one of the strongest nations of the world. He is very popular with masses as well and is considered to be one of the best Politician of modern times.

11. Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel is the present Chancellor of Germany and is considered as one of the most powerful and influential Politicians of today. She has played a pivotal role in the last couple of decades to bring Germany at par with other super nations of the world in almost every field.

12. Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has emerged out as one of the strongest and powerful leaders of the world. Russia had become one of the most dominant countries in the world under his presidency.

He is known for his firm stand and outspokenness. He is considered to be one of the strongest leaders of all times.

Don’t tell me you didn’t know about them! Well, now you know, so go and flaunt it among your pals, I bet they won’t be knowing all of them!


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